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The four keywords in the “imagery” category are illuminated, eyebrows, flowers, and quakes.

All four of the repeated phrases in this category describe some sort of your imagery in the text, the most repeated being that of “illumination,” which is repeated 14 times. This is perhaps because light plays a very important role in Buddhism. The light is emitted from the “tuft of white hair between” the Buddha’s eyebrows, an image that is repeated five times. After this happens, an image including great mandarava flowers “falling like rain from the sky,” an image repeated four times in the chapter. Also, an image involving the world quaking in “six ways” is repeated four times.

As we analyzed the text, we had difficulty knowing whether or not to tag these images as hyperbole or not. Since we were not there when this happened, how could we know if flowers did actually fall like rain? However, treating the stories as mythology, we figured this must be some sort of hyperbole and tagged it accordingly.

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