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The three keywords in the “number” category are several, kotis, and eighty.

The phrases repeated six, four, and two times respectively are “several hundreds of thousands of attendants,” “thousands of myriads of kotis,” and “eighty thousand bodhisattva maha sattvas.” Through the observation of these kinds of repetition, we find that hyperbole is a very common and arguably important part of the first chapter of the Lotus Sutra. All three of these key words highlight phrases that include enormous numbers, packed on with many modifiers like “several,” “hundreds,” and “thousands” all in the same phrase.

Perhaps the magnitude of these numbers holds religious value and importance, and thus, shows that the stories and concepts in the Lotus Sutra are so huge that they are beyond human imagination. The implication there, perhaps, is that one should attain spirituality in such a way that these enormous numbers make more sense and hold more value.

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