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The two key words in the “other” category are good and sons.

The four repeated phrases in good describe good being in the beginning (first repetition), good in the middle (second), good in the end (third), and finally, to emphasize and refer back to previously repeated phrases, good in the beginning, the middle, and the end (fourth). Just as with the synonyms, the emphasis of the same content in a small amount of space makes it easier to remember. In that way, the content is easily taught. This repetition, then, serves as another example of the Lotus Sutra being used as a teaching tool through the use of repetition. Because this repeated phrase about good did not easily fall into the other categories, we found it best to include it in this “other” category.

The phrase “O sons of a virtuous family!” which is repeated three times, is found in the verse section where a speaker is calling to a specific group of people. We had difficulty finding an exact meaning for these repetitions, so we placed it in this “other” category.

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